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Define purpose, set metrics, and maximize impact


In web marketing you build, A/B test, refine, rinse and repeat until you’ve maximized your web assets. Even then, times change and updates are required. Digital Signage content is no different.

Whether you want a single 30 minute session or long-term continued consulting, we’ll work through setting and monitoring metrics to gauge digital signage success. Through an iterative process your digital signage campaigns will maximize its potential, and improve your ROI.

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Initial Consult

In the initial strategy consult meeting we’ll learn about your signage system, your business, why the signage was purchased, and what metrics are available to track.

From there our team will review and deliver a content strategy. Optionally, we can deliver this as a full-blown strategy guide.


Follow Up

In follow up meetings we will review progress, listen to what worked and what didn’t, verify that the metrics we’re using are accurately tracking progress, and optimize the strategy from there.

If you want a new Content Strategy Guide then this will be time to do that!

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