Canvas Audit Page

Overview of the Canvas Audit page

Canvas Audit

Field and Button Descriptions

The date and time stamp for when this change occurred. Useful if trying to identify how long an issue has been visible.


This is the object that was modified. In this instance, it was a modification or creation of the Canvas object.


This is the action type. In the example above you can see the Canvas being updated.


The user who made the change.


These are the parameters that were set based on the action sent.


Page Pagination

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 11.36.38 AM-1

Per Page
Set the number of companies displayed per page

Use this button to land on the first page

Use this button to land on the previous page

Page Number/Total Pages
Current page number & total pages. Input a page number here and press ENTER to go directly to that page instead of clicking through.

Use this button to land on the next page

Use this button to land on the last page