Playlist Widget Configuration

Overview of the Playlist Widget Configuration

Playlist Widget Overview


To show a playlist of images and videos.

Field and Button Descriptions


A description of the widget. This is optional, but highly recommended as it will keep your Canvas cleaner and easier to navigate in the future as well as during build.


The Position section is to identify where the top left of the widget will be positioned within the Canvas. 

  • X = Horizontal or Left/Right axis
  • Y = Vertical or Up/Down axis

0x0 indicates a starting point of the top left of the selected widget at the top left of the Canvas.


The size of the widget boundaries.
  • W = Width of the widget (left/right)
  • H = Height of the widget (up/down)


Negative Values

Negative values can be applied if you need to strategically allow a widget to go off-screen, but be aware that content outside of the Canvas boundaries don't appear on the display. 

To apply negative values, write the number positively and then add the minus symbol afterwards



Rotate the widget if desired. The number is the amount in degrees that you can rotate the widget.



Sets the amount of padding between certain edges of the Donor List widget.



Sets how many pixels the text or images needs to stay away from the left or right ends of the widget boundaries.



Sets how many pixels the text or images needs to stay away from between the columns.

Note that setting padding for between the rows is dictated by the widget height and number of rows selected. More widget height and less rows means greater padding.


General Configuration

Select the Playlist that you want to use in the Playlist widget.


Resize On Pager Activation

When the Pager picks up a new message and has that message rolling, let the Playlist widget resize automatically. This is useful in case of emergency management system use, or if you want to resize the playlist to give more space when the visual paging message is operating.



Height and Width of the Playlist widget while the pager is active.


Use as a Screensaver

If there is a click event then the widget will shrink, and and come back up after a period of inactiviy.


Screensaver Timeout (Seconds)

What the period of inactivity is for the widget to go back to its regular size.


Reload App on Screensaver Start

If using an App widget, when the screensaver starts back up it reloads the application so that it can go back to its start screen.


Page Link
The dropdown allows you to select which page within the Canvas clicking on the widget will navigate to. 

Data Flow Interactions

See the Data Flow Interactions page for more information.