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November 11, 2022
by LeeAnn Lowery

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT for Donor Walls

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT for Donor Walls

A first of its kind, OmniAlly has pioneered the integration with Raiser's Edge NXT to streamline donor list updates, keeping donor lists always up to date, accurate and seamless.

In an interview with Robert Sellman, OmniAlly's SVP Growth & Partnerships:

"This world-first integration of a donor management system into a digital donor wall software platform solidifies OmniAlly as the industry leader in digital donor recognition solutions. Being able to automatically synchronize your donor recognition wall's list with Raiser's Edge NXT is game-changing to so many organizations with a large donor list and no time to keep it current.

Common challenges we saw with the integration were around data cleanliness on the user's account. We heard a lot of feedback about how organizations have had RENXT for several years across a few different folks in charge of data entry who all had different styles of inputting information. What we did in response was to create what we call The Perfect Name System™ which allows making naming standards consistent."


Where the Raiser's Edge NXT integration allows pulling in names, the Perfect Name System™ creates hands-off simplicity so that the names appear in the same standard format. For example, there might be a mix of the use "and" with "&", or "Mr." with "Mr". The Perfect Name System™ automatically replaces the undesired version and displays the name perfectly instead.


"One of the next challenges we had to overcome was with long names that go into another line. Traditionally these would be manually changed to have the names go to the next line at the right place instead of just letting the last name float to the bottom, but that wasn't conducive to our vision for keeping the system hands-off for the end user. Instead, we created a Smart Line Break feature which sets rules for where to bring a name to the next line so that the system would automatically move the right part of the name to the next line. It's quite elegant, and requires little to no setup really.

Fortunately, we already had our Smart Indents feature in place, allowing those secondary lines to be indented automatically. This really closed the circuit for everything and made the integration with Raiser's Edge NXT not only possible, but usable in a clean and hands-off way."





  •   How difficult is it to set up?
    • Easy! Just log into your Raiser's Edge NXT account through our app and you're set.
  •   How much ongoing maintenance is required?
    • The only maintenance required is to log back into Raiser's Edge NXT through our app once a year - or if you change your password. 
  •   I have a huge list, is there a limit to how many people can be listed?
    • Nope, no limits!
  •   Do I need to manually update the list in the app?
    • No. The list is automatically changed within Raiser's Edge NXT.
  •   How much extra does this integration cost to use if I already have Raiser’s Edge NXT?
    • No additional charge!
  •   Does this work with Raiser’s Edge 7?
    • Unfortunately not. We suggest speaking with your Blackbaud representative about migration to NXT.
  •   What if I don’t have Raiser’s Edge NXT, can I use it another way?
    • Sure thing. There is support for DonorPerfect, Google Sheets, Excel CSV upload, or manually entered in our Tables feature.
  •   Can I see it in action?
    • Of course! Contact us today and ask for a demo of the Raiser's Edge NXT integration