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September 23, 2022
by LeeAnn Lowery

Donor Stewardship Plans with Digital Donor Walls

Donor Stewardship Plans with Digital Donor Walls

Having a strong donor stewardship plan incorporated into your donor relations strategy is crucial to your organization meeting its fundraising goals. Your donor’s generosity should be acknowledged with, of course, a thank you, updates on your organization's work, and a special token of your appreciation.

When carried out properly, stewardship will increase your donor retention rate and result in healthy relationships with your donors. Managing relationships is critical for both short-term and long-term donors, and this also means making sure that the expectations and intentions of the donor have been met, which should always be a top priority.

In this post, we’ll look at how your donor stewardship plan can get a major boost by implementing OmniAlly’s digital donor wall solutions.


Donor Stewardship Plan Optimization with Digital Donor Walls

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When it comes to executing your donor stewardship plan, hosting fundraisers is a great way to gain support and raise money for your campaigns. Using digital signage that provides state-of-the-art tools adds value to your events and are excellent additions to your annual giving strategies.

Digital donor recognition boards are eye-catching, bright, and quite frankly, impossible to ignore. This is a major advantage in an era where people scroll through post after post on social media until something grabs their attention.

Being able to use highly engaging dynamic content will allow you to reach potential donors in new and highly effective ways.

Some of the ways digital signage can boost fundraising efforts include utilizing campaign thermometers, interactive campaign stories, donor stories, and more. These digital tools enable you to share useful information in an attractive way and give your communication strategy a boost.


Graphics, video, images, and text can all be used together to create a content experience that captivates and touches viewers. Throughout the donor stewardship plan, having a strong digital presence is a must for fundraising events. Digital signage’s wide range of uses makes it the perfect option.


Raising Awareness and Soliciting Donations with Digital Signage

Being savvy in advertising your fundraising efforts is another critical factor in implementing your donor stewardship plan. In addition to taking to social media to promote fundraising events, using your digital signage to raise awareness about up-and-coming events is a clever idea. And if you are looking to recruit volunteers for the event, incorporating digital signage into your communication strategy will help you there, too!

To make it easy for attendees to RSVP for your event, give guests the option of simply scanning a QR code on the screen to save their spot.

To help you reach your fundraising goals, donors also may make an on-the-spot donation by scanning the QR code and taking them directly to a payment processing form. Adding digital signage to your donor stewardship plan makes your fundraising efforts seamless and simple.


Donor Stewardship with Digital Donor Walls

Applying digital donor walls to your organization’s donor stewardship plan is an outstanding way to maintain donor retention and recruit new donors. When hosting a fundraising event, attendees will take notice of your digital signage and the way you publicly recognize your donors.


Featuring interactive donor profiles and donor appreciation videos on your digital donor wall is a heartfelt way to show your gratitude, while also grabbing the attention of new high-level donors in the process.

In this digital age we are living in, digital donor walls are brilliant, modern tools to utilize and incorporate into your donor stewardship plan, and it makes raising money simpler and less time consuming


Guidelines for an Excellent Donor Relations Strategy 

While having a solid donor stewardship plan is key, not all organizations have the same goals or same means.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you develop your own curtailed approach, as well as ways that digital signage can help you execute your donor stewardship plan.


Be Transparent with Your Donor Stewardship Policy

Having a donor stewardship policy tells potential donors that they will be recognized properly for their gifts. When you are transparent with your donor stewardship policy and are clear in what benefits donors may expect, potential donors will be more confident in making that decision to give. For example, if you offer levels of membership, state the perks of each level clearly. Maybe you offer VIP status at events for donors who contribute to your annual giving campaigns and make it clear to donors the gift amount required to receive that status.


Your donor stewardship policy may be added to your digital signage through a content section, or even a QR code that quickly links users to a place where they can learn more. That way, if a major prospect donor wants a quick answer on how to give and ways it will be recognized, they can get those answers on their smartphone with just one scan.

Make Your Mission Clear

When it comes to executing your donor stewardship plan, your organization should be guided by a clear and concise mission, and digital signage is the perfect way to advertise that mission. Donors want to know right off the bat why their donations matter and what impact they can make. Making that mission loud and clear for prospect donors will squash any doubts they may have about giving, and instead inspire them to help you meet your fundraising goals.

Get to Know Your Donors

Thanking donors is essential to your donor stewardship plan, as well as donor retention. That is why it is important to have preferred names and salutations listed in your CRM; you want to form a personal relationship with all your donors. When acknowledging a gift, make sure to note the specific amount given, the campaign the gift went towards, and the impact that gift will make.

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Thanking donors is essential to your donor stewardship plan, as well as donor retention. That is why it is important to have preferred names and salutations listed in your CRM; you want to form a personal relationship with all your donors. When acknowledging a gift, make sure to note the specific amount given, the campaign the gift went towards, and the impact that gift will make.

Keep Them in the Loop

Forming a communication strategy is necessary to your donor stewardship plan because it is so important to keep your donors up to date on the progress of your campaign. While sending out newsletters and even text messages can be a great way to stay in touch with your donors, you may also display campaign progress through digital signage. That way, if your donors happen to stop by your organization, they may see for themselves how you are using their gifts to advance your mission.

Engage with Your Donors

Hosting special events, asking donors to visit your organization, and even inviting them to meet board members and executives are all great ways to nurture relationships throughout the donor stewardship plan. A way to get feedback is to ask donors to participate in a survey about various aspects of a campaign and offer suggestions on how you may improve your communication. Let them know how important their opinion is and that you are always looking to improve.


With the interactive touch screens offered with digital signage, you can make it quick and easy for donors to give you the valuable feedback you are looking for to successfully implement your donor stewardship plan.



Utilizing digital signage is an ideal way to augment and improve your donor stewardship plan. Digital signage solutions have low operational expenses and offer promising upsides in terms of reaching your annual fundraising goals each year.

When you add digital signage to your donor relations strategy, you have the capability of featuring captivating content such as customized and branded playlists, social media tickers, and much more!

Are you interested in learning about how OmniAlly can help you carry out your donor stewardship plan? Contact us today!