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July 12, 2022
by Holley Snaith

Building Nonprofit Corporate Partnerships with Digital Walls

Building Nonprofit Corporate Partnerships with Digital Walls

To successfully carry out their mission, nonprofits depend on diversified revenue streams. Finding the right corporate sponsor to partner with is one way to generate revenue and raise awareness for your cause. However, corporate sponsors partnering with nonprofits want to know they will reap benefits from the association. One way nonprofit organizations can acknowledge corporate partners is with their digital donor recognition wall.

In this article, we will look at some of the ways to build nonprofit corporate sponsorships using a digital donor wall. 


Show Corporate Partner Highlights 

Nonprofits partnering with corporations is not a new idea. What is new is how a digital solution can be used to enhance these relationships. We already know that digital walls can share donor and impact stories. But they can also tell the story of the for-profit business you partner with. 

Ask an employee with your corporate sponsor to do a short video discussing why their business decided to support your nonprofit. Something else to include in a corporate partner story is what difference their gift is making. For example, if their gift funds an annual community event, your nonprofit hosts have videos and images from the event. 

Sponsor Highlight

A corporate highlight is similar to a video, but it goes deeper into who your sponsor is. You can include another video with an employee from your corporate sponsor or tell their story through text and visuals. With digital donor walls, you have unlimited space, which means you can acknowledge as many sponsors as you wish. 

These corporate sponsor highlights can also be shared on your virtual wall. A virtual wall may be purchased as a standalone product or as an add-on to your digital donor wall. Virtual walls allow you to reach an even larger audience through your website, social media channels, and e-newsletters. With just one click, you can send the corporate partner highlight directly to them in a thank you email. 



How Corporate Partners Benefit From Digital Walls 

Corporate sponsorships are meant to be mutually beneficial. Using a digital wall to advertise a corporate partner makes your job much easier. Using your digital or virtual wall, proudly display the logo of the corporate sponsor. Doing this raises awareness of who they are within the community and business sector. 

Many companies that partner with nonprofits have corporate social responsibilities. These responsibilities establish their core values and how they plan on giving back to the community. This could be through in-kind donations or company leaders serving on advisory boards. Using the digital wall to highlight sponsors honors those responsibilities. 

Sponsor Story wVolunteers

Many corporate sponsors have a matching gifts program, encouraging their employees to give to your nonprofit. Since many companies ask that employees volunteer with nonprofits, invite them to partake in skills-based volunteerism. Your digital wall can feature a QR code for volunteers to scan, making it a volunteer management tool. 

Take time to plan meaningful ways to showcase your corporate sponsors. Doing this will help build trust and increase their affinity for your cause. Get them involved by asking for a quote to share on your digital display and their logo. 

Nonprofits working with the corporate sponsor to showcase their work and mission is vital to the relationship. You want your corporate partners to feel valued so you can continue to support each other. Just as donor retention is important, so is corporate sponsor retention. Highlighting sponsors with a digital wall makes the partnership a win-win for both parties. 


Using Your Digital Wall to Recruit New Corporate Sponsors 

Besides strengthening relationships between your nonprofit and the corporate sponsor, digital walls may help you secure new partners. For example, say a company employee visits your organization. They notice the impressive corporate sponsor highlight in your lobby boldly displayed on your digital wall. This could leave an indelible impression on them and lead to a new partnership. 

Having a digital solution makes recognizing corporate sponsors a painless experience. OmniAlly’s user-friendly software is based on a drag-and-drop concept. This means that no extensive experience in coding is required.

Corp Visitor 

Providing snapshots of the work your corporate sponsors do for the community is easy with a digital wall. And showcasing such important information tells the audience that the corporate partners are honoring their corporate social responsibilities. 

Digital donor walls feature a programmable on/off behavior, giving you complete control over what you highlight and when. If you are hosting a fundraising event, schedule the corporate sponsor highlight to be visible at that specific time. 

Corporate sponsors study which nonprofit partnerships best align with their corporate social responsibilities. With OmniAlly’s digital wall solution, we offer you an interactive way to highlight and help your corporate partners. Digital and virtual walls provide endless opportunities to connect with such partners and recruit new ones.  



Corporate partnerships with nonprofits are meant to benefit both parties. Showing your appreciation and promoting the corporate sponsor with a digital wall will lead to long-term partnerships.

Highlight corporate partners on your digital wall by displaying their logo boldly for everyone to see. Share stories about why the corporate sponsor chose to support your nonprofit through videos or text. Also, take time to tell their story by including videos, images, or text explaining who they are and why they matter. 

Since impact stories are pivotal, tell your audience how the corporate sponsor’s gift is used. Remember that you have unlimited space to acknowledge as many corporate partners as needed. Virtual walls do the same thing a digital wall does while reaching your online audience. 


Before forming a partnership with a corporate sponsor, explain how they will benefit from partnering with you. By advertising the corporate partner’s logo and brand, you acknowledge their allegiance to corporate social responsibilities. This show of public respect builds enduring relationships and enhances mutual affinity. 

Because of OmniAlly’s user-friendly software, displaying impactful snapshots of your corporate partner is easy. Are you expecting a special visit from an employee of your corporate partner? The on/off programmable behavior allows you to display sponsor highlights at the right time. The different ways in which you can connect with a corporate sponsor using a digital wall creates opportunities for new partnerships. 



Securing nonprofit business partnerships is a crucial source of revenue for organizations like yours. Just as your donors deserve recognition for their dedication to your cause, so do corporate sponsors. But a digital donor wall does so much more than recognize corporate partners. These efficient tools also highlight the work of the company, increase corporate sponsor retention, and lead to new partnerships. 

Begin building corporate partnerships by booking your demo with OmniAlly today!


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