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September 27, 2022
by Holley Snaith

Donor Walls: Why Your Nonprofit Should Go Digital

Donor Walls: Why Your Nonprofit Should Go Digital

Giving your donors proper recognition is key to ensuring donor retention and reaching your nonprofit’s fundraising goals. One versatile way to do this is with a digital donor wall. 

Traditional donor walls are now viewed as the recognition tool of the past, and in the long run, going with a digital wall is the best investment your nonprofit could make. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why our donor engagement strategists argue that choosing a digital donor wall will help your nonprofit build a beautiful culture of philanthropy. 


The Dynamic & Cost Effective Approach to Donor Recognition 

To cultivate donors and retain them, having a solid donor recognition program in place is essential. The most contemporary way to recognize donors is with a donor recognition wall. This modern tool has numerous advantages over a traditional donor wall. 

donor wall graphic

Traditional walls are costly to keep updated. If you need to add new names to your wall, it takes time to make new plaques or panels, which are expensive. With a digital donor recognition display, you can add donor names, which will appear on your wall within minutes. Even correcting spelling is a hassle with a traditional wall, but with a digital wall, it’s a seamless fix. 

Personalize your donor recognition with an interactive donor wall and create donor profiles or highlights. Spotlighting your major donors with unique donor profiles shows them how much you appreciate their generosity. At the same time, you are piquing the interest of future donors with your magnificent interactive digital wall. 

5 (1)-png

With OmniAlly’s interactive displays, you also have the option of including searchable lists. Instead of a donor waiting for their name to appear on the display, they can use the touch screen feature to type in their name and locate their profile. 


Apply the Art of Visual Storytelling 

One way to make a strong connection with your donors is through visual storytelling. This method uses rich visuals and graphics to relay to donors how you are building a culture of philanthropy. Traditional donor walls are often wood, stainless steel, brass, or glass panels. While these look professional, they cannot tell the story of your nonprofit’s impact. 

On the other hand, a digital wall does so much more than recognize donors. With a digital solution, you can showcase pivotal impact stories with images and video, explaining to your audience why giving to your nonprofit is important to your cause and the community. 

Sponsor Highlight

Share insight on your organizational culture by displaying videos of your employees or volunteers. Ask them to share why they find working or volunteering for your nonprofit gratifying. Whatever story you have to tell, a digital wall gives you the ability to be creative and compelling. 


Advertise Your Capital Campaigns 

Another way to beautifully build your philanthropic culture is by using your digital donor wall to highlight your capital campaigns. With your wall, you can display a campaign thermometer to illustrate how much you have raised and how close you are to your goal. 

If you have recently completed a capital campaign, use images and videos to showcase the impact. Make giving to a campaign easy for donors by including a QR code, allowing a donor to scan the code and give on the spot. 


With an interactive donor wall, viewers have an up-close and personal look at your capital campaign and its impact. For example, if your campaign raised money for a new addition to your building, include images and videos for your audience to tap on and see the finished results. 

Make Changes at Anytime and From Anyplace 

Unlike a traditional wall, digital walls offer you flexibility in making an edit or adding donor names and choosing your design. While a conventional wall’s design is stagnant, you can select the colors and fonts that best reflect your brand with a digital wall. 

Untitled design (7)

OmniAlly’s digital solution allows you to change the donor wall design anytime. Say your nonprofit is hosting an annual holiday fundraiser, add a particular holiday theme to your donor wall and get your donors in the spirit. 

As your nonprofit’s footprint grows, you may find yourself in need of a bigger and better space. Relocating a digital donor wall is far less hassle than moving a traditional donor wall. If your nonprofit is looking for a donor wall that is dynamic and easy to operate, you can’t go wrong with OmniAlly’s digital solution. 

Schedule a call with one of our donor engagement strategists today to learn more about the benefits of going with a digital wall.