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November 17, 2022
by Holley Snaith

How Virtual Donor Walls Reduce Your Workload

How Virtual Donor Walls Reduce Your Workload

There is no shortage of tasks to be done in donor relations. You are constantly fundraising, hosting events, cultivating and stewarding donors, and then repeating the cycle. With donor recognition being a crucial step in the stewardship process, it is necessary to invest in a donor recognition wall that gives proper acknowledgment. A virtual donor wall is the perfect and most affordable option.  

With a virtual donor wall, you can take an omnichannel approach to communication and broadcast any information on your website, in your newsletter, through email campaigns, and on social media - and you don’t have to create content for each platform! This is done seamlessly because the virtual content is made shareable through a link that may be added or embedded in multiple platforms. 

Read on to learn how virtual donor walls will increase donor retention and why OmniAlly’s virtual wall solution will significantly reduce the workload for your donor relations team. 

Using Virtual Walls to Increase Donor Retention 

A virtual donor wall is an excellent tool to improve donor retention rates.

Let’s look at a few of the critical uses of a virtual wall that will help your nonprofit retain donors year after year while simultaneously making your job easier. 

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Say “Thank You” to Donors Instantly 

Donors want to be publicly recognized for their contributions, and it’s better to do so immediately after the gift is made. With your virtual wall, you can proudly display the donors’ names on your website or any platform you like in no time at all.   


Studying the average donor retention rates over the past decade, it has remained at around 45%, but by immediately recognizing your donors, your nonprofit will exceed that rate. If you want to increase the chances of a one-time donor becoming a long-term donor, instantly tell them “thank you” through your virtual wall. 


Showcase Outcomes


Because donors are investing in your mission, they love to see program and campaign outcomes. You can creatively showcase these results with a virtual wall, displaying vivid videos, images, and even different kinds of graphs. 


For example, say you finished a fundraising campaign that helped restore a historical building in your community. With a virtual wall, you can share before and after photos of the historic building with your donors, so they may see the impact of the campaign they contributed to. 


Offer Meaningful Communication 

Donors want to hear the latest news from your organization, and virtual walls are a fantastic tool to utilize for purposeful communication. With your virtual wall, you can offer updates on the latest events, campaign highlights, ways to get involved, and so much more. 

Offering meaningful communication is necessary to apply to donor retention strategies, and virtual donor walls make communicating with donors simple and seamless. 


Announce Giving Opportunities 

It helps to build awareness around the different ways for donors and prospective donors to give to your cause. For example, if you are fundraising for capital campaigns and are striving to reach your goals, feature a section around your virtual donor wall that creates awareness of that campaign.

Don’t forget that virtual walls can be synchronized with digital walls, so any special event or monthly donor program spotlighted on your digital donor wall can also be shown on your virtual wall.  


Report on Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

Peer-to-peer fundraising is when your committed donors organize their own fundraising campaigns to raise money for your nonprofit. This type of fundraising is an excellent addition to your fundraising effectiveness project and a smart way to spread the word about your mission. 

With your virtual wall, you can proudly show the progress of these peer-to-peer campaigns, which motivates other donors to start their own campaigns or contribute to an ongoing campaign. 


Show Appreciation for Volunteers 

Without the time and effort given by volunteers, your nonprofit would be unable to execute its mission successfully. Therefore, you must give volunteers the proper recognition they deserve, just as you recognize your donors. 

Virtual walls make it accessible for everyone to see the volunteers behind your nonprofit’s success. This can be displayed through volunteer spotlights or even a brief video of your volunteer discussing why it is essential that they dedicate their time to your cause. Showing this appreciation will surely persuade others to volunteer as well. 


Donor Highlights 

According to a statistic from DonorSearch, 88% of all charitable giving comes from a mere 12% of an organization's donors. In addition to highlighting your major donors, take the time to recognize your repeat donors who have steadily invested in your mission through your virtual wall. 

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Ask specific donors if they agree to be featured on your wall, and, like with volunteers, ask them to do a brief video where they discuss the significance of investing in your nonprofit. By honoring your donors, you are leveraging that relationship, helping you retain donors and even increase your number of donors. 


What OmniAlly Has to Offer  

OmniAlly offers a brilliant low-cost virtual wall that can either be purchased as a standalone product or as an add-on service to your digital donor wall. If you are a nonprofit that has a low-traffic facility, OmniAlly’s virtual donor wall is the best option for you. This affordable tool allows you to reach a broad audience online easily. 

On the other hand, if your organization welcomes multitudes of visitors daily or weekly, consider investing in a digital donor wall and virtual wall. Since the two can be synchronized, you can easily update and manage both simultaneously, making your job painless. 

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With time being of the essence, especially in donor relations, a virtual donor wall is one of the most shrewd investments your nonprofit can make. With a virtual wall, you can illustrate your pride in your donors and volunteers, keep everyone up-to-date on the latest news, offer quick and easy ways to give, and visually show the impact of your work. 

This effective tool will help you communicate with retained donors and acquire new donors. Virtual donor walls will save your nonprofit money, hassle, and time. 

Are you ready to learn more about virtual donor walls? Reach out to OmniAlly and schedule a demo by clicking here