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November 17, 2022
by Holley Snaith

Cultivating Individual Donors With A Digital Wall

Cultivating Individual Donors With A Digital Wall

There are different revenue streams for nonprofits to tap into, such as obtaining grants or having a corporate partner. Whether new or long-term, individual donors are also crucial to your fundraising success. Without their support, your nonprofit would not be able to do the incredible work it does. 

Because your donors want to feel valued, giving them the recognition, they deserve is one key ingredient to donor retention and bringing in new donors. In this article, we will explore how to cultivate new donors using your multi-faceted digital wall. 


Defining Individual Donors

Individual donors are the heartbeat of your nonprofit. They are the ones who give at your special events or through peer-to-peer fundraisers. They also may support you through something such as a monthly giving club. 


There are many reasons why people choose to give to a nonprofit. Some give for religious reasons; others choose to give to a cause they feel strongly connected to. It does not matter how large the gift is because when you add all the individual donations up, it makes a significant difference. 

Creating a solid appeal to cultivate new individual donors is essential to your nonprofit’s success. And one way to cater to individual donors is with a digital donor wall. 


Raising Funds With a Digital Wall 


Digital donor walls provide you with various ways to raise money for your nonprofit. One way is sharing peer-to-peer campaigns. A peer-to-peer campaign is when individuals form their own campaigns to raise funds for your nonprofit. 

Using your digital wall, you can include important information about the campaigns, such as what the gifts will be used for. Easily share updates on these individual donor campaigns and include impact stories using innovative visuals. 

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Donors want to know why they should give to your cause. Making that reason clear to them is pivotal when you want to find new donors. For example, if a gift of $25 will provide five meals to homeless people in the community, share that statistic. Make giving to these campaigns simple by adding a QR code to your wall that can easily be scanned. 

If you are holding a fundraising event, share your fundraising goals and present impact stories or videos. Showcasing your nonprofit’s impact on the community is one way to encourage donors to give transformational gifts. Allow them to give at the event by again displaying a QR code. 

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Properly acknowledging all donors is vital to any fundraising plan. A digital wall is a perfect tool to recognize donors, board members, and volunteers. Showing pride in those who dedicate their time and money to your cause makes donor acquisition easier and increases donor retention. 

Volunteer of the Month

With a virtual wall solution, the same fundraising techniques can be applied online, allowing you to reach an even wider audience. A virtual wall offers a sharable link that can be displayed on your website, social media platforms, and in an e-newsletter. Adding a link to a “thank you” email enhances donor engagement and makes it easy for them to share with their network.


Sharing Impact to Increase Individual Giving 


Taking the time to acknowledge individual donors helps build a relationship with them and elevates their experience with your nonprofit. One main goal in any donor cultivation strategy is to turn one-time donors into repeat donors. To successfully do this, use your digital wall to tell compelling impact stories. 

With your wall, use videos and images to illustrate how gifts are used to make your mission a reality. For example, ask individuals impacted by your work to do a short video describing how your organization made a difference in their life. You can also easily add pictures of projects that your nonprofit helped make happen. 

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If you have recently completed a capital campaign, show campaign donors how much was raised and the campaign’s outcomes. When donors see the actual work that was done because of their gift, their affinity for your cause only grows, and they feel valued. 

Using your digital wall to showcase impact is an effective way to enhance an individual donor fundraising plan. This way, you show respect for your donors, increasing the likelihood of them becoming a regular donor and increasing their gift size. 


How to Use a Digital Wall in Attracting New Donors


Undertaking donor prospect research to form an individual donor cultivation plan is a big task when growing your donor base. Including a digital wall in your donor stewardship plan makes attracting new donors effortless. Remember that every individual who views your digital or virtual wall is considered a prospective donor. 

OmniAlly’s Digital Donor Engagement System℠ is easy for anyone to navigate. Our user-friendly software is based on a drag-and-drop concept. This means that you do not need to have years of experience in coding to create an impressive donor recognition display. 

The cloud-based system lets you easily update your wall with the latest news and campaign progress. You can also instantly add new donors or make a quick edit to a name. An added bonus is that these updates can be made from any location! 

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When considering how to find individual donors for nonprofits, take advantage of your digital wall as an advertising tool. For example, there could be an individual visiting your nonprofit who works for a company with a matching gift program. Your wall’s impression could easily persuade them to become a donor. 

OmniAlly gives you the freedom to make your donor wall interactive. Doing this creates endless opportunities to connect with all your donors and attract new ones.




Digital donor walls are practical and contemporary tools to cultivate individual donors. Use your wall to raise money by sharing peer-to-peer campaigns and impact stories. Display QR codes on your wall during special events, and get people excited about giving to our cause. 

In donor relations, there are numerous ways to acknowledge donors, such as through phone calls, emails, or newsletters. Since digital walls are the ultimate donor recognition tool, highlighting donors on your digital and virtual walls helps build relationships. This type of public appreciation leads to increased donor affinity and retention. 

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Adding new donors’ names, campaign updates, and calls to action are a quick and painless task with OmniAlly’s straightforward digital solution. Take the donor experience a step farther and make the experience even more personal by investing in an interactive wall. 

Digital donor walls offer endless opportunities to cultivate individual donors and generate more revenue for your nonprofit. 


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