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August 25, 2022
by Holley Snaith

Gain Nonprofit Corporate Sponsorships With a Digital Wall

Gain Nonprofit Corporate Sponsorships With a Digital Wall

As a nonprofit, having various streams of revenue to put your mission into action and maintain financial stability is crucial. One steady stream of revenue is securing corporate sponsors. 

Corporate sponsorships are meant to be mutually beneficial. This simply means that the corporate partner wants to know that you will take the time to give them the proper acknowledgment they deserve for supporting your nonprofit. 

Though this may sound daunting at first, with the right tool, it’s not. Digital donor walls allow you to boldly recognize your new corporate partners. They also help you build a long-term relationship that will benefit your nonprofit and the sponsor and increase corporate partner retention. 


Let’s take a closer look at how you can use your digital wall to gain new corporate partners. 

Creating Mutually Beneficial Corporate Sponsorships

In the nonprofit industry, meeting the bottom line is critical, and corporate partnerships with nonprofits are one way to help you reach your financial goals. For-profit businesses value community engagement and want to support nonprofit organizations. Yet they need to be reassured that they, too, will benefit from the partnership. 

There are so many ways your nonprofit may benefit from them, in addition to financial gifts. For example, corporate sponsors may be willing to reach out to other local businesses they are connected with to garner in-kind donations. This could be products or food for a special event or even volunteers to give their time to your cause. In return, your nonprofit offers them public recognition to enhance their reputation within the community. 

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Before officially landing that corporate sponsor, persuade them that this alliance will be a win-win for both of you. One way to win them over is with a digital donor wall. A digital wall is more than a donor recognition tool. It’s also perfect for corporate partner recognition. And when it comes to being creative with how you highlight those partners, OmniAlly offers everything you need. 

How OmniAlly Can Help You Recruit New Corporate Partners

Many businesses adopt corporate social responsibilities to help make an impact. A digital wall is a perfect way to illustrate the difference that corporate sponsors are making in the local community. Viewers appreciate the art of visual storytelling. Your digital wall may be used to tell the story of your corporate partner and the significant role they play in the work you do.

There are endless options for doing this with your digital wall. It can be done through videos, pictures of projects your partner has contributed to, and more. Knowing that you are anxious to share their impact within the community is a key way to land new partners.  

OmniAlly offers premier user-friendly software that is based on a drag-and-drop concept. This means that you do not have to worry about being a genius at coding to operate the software. The OmniAlly team will give you all the training you need to create informative snapshots of your corporate sponsors. 

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Our digital solution has a programmable on/off behavior, giving you complete control over what your digital display shows and when. If an employee with a corporate sponsor is joining you for lunch, add a special welcome message to your wall to greet them. You can also program the wall to feature their corporate sponsor story and display their logo at the time of their visit.

The same can be done during fundraising events. If your corporate sponsor is attending the event, program your wall in advance to display their highlight throughout the event. This impressive display will surely wow corporate partners. 

One benefit to our solution is that you can schedule these highlights at any time and from any place. If you are looking for an easy digital recognition tool, it cannot get much simpler than a digital wall. 

OmniAlly offers a virtual wall solution that can be purchased by itself or as an add-on to your digital wall. The virtual wall solution introduces your corporate partners to an even wider audience online and on social media. 


Personalize the Experience With an Interactive Wall

Another key advantage to choosing a digital donor wall is the fact that you have the option of making it interactive. While traditional walls may have a classic appeal, they don’t have the contemporary features and the different usages of a digital wall. 

Invite your audience to personally interact with your wall and learn more about your corporate sponsors up-close. For example, on one panel, you may boldly feature all of the logos of your corporate partners. An interactive wall will let a viewer click on one of those logos to read a corporate sponsor's story immediately. 

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With the touch screen feature, viewers can touch the screen to scroll through your corporate sponsor highlights. They can also watch a video that features your partners and read the bio of a corporate volunteer. Tell your audience how they can learn more about the for-profit businesses that support you by adding a QR code that leads to their website. 

Potential sponsors will take note of the personalization that you offer, and that’s another reason for them to partner with you. Digital donor walls provide you with numerous creative opportunities to connect your audience with corporate partners. 


Just as your nonprofit is eager to increase revenue with corporate partnerships, businesses are looking to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities through nonprofit sponsorships. Since corporate partners are being generous in their financial gifts to your organization, they want to be reassured that they, too, will benefit from the partnership. 

One way to sell them on your dedication is with your digital donor wall. With OmniAlly’s simple digital wall solution, you can be as imaginative as you like with recognizing corporate sponsors. Upload their logo to your wall for everyone to see, share their story with a special corporate partner highlight, include stories that describe their impact, and more. 

Are you ready to recruit new corporate partners with your impressive digital donor wall? Reach out to OmniAlly today to schedule your demo and begin your journey!