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November 17, 2022
by Holley Snaith

Implementing a Major Donor Strategy With a Digital Recognition Wall

Implementing a Major Donor Strategy With a Digital Recognition Wall

The value of each and every donor that gives to your nonprofit cannot be overstated. It is because of their dedication and kindness that you have the ability to make an impact. In donor relations, there are different kinds of donors, such as new, long-time, and corporate donors

Another critical kind of donor is a major donor. While there is no set value to define what makes a major donor, this is the individual who donates a large amount to your nonprofit. Obtaining major donors is crucial to your financial success. While not every nonprofit has a major gift officer, having a major donor fundraising strategy is beneficial. 

We know that a digital donor wall is a fantastic tool to use for major donor recognition. However, it can also help your team successfully carry out its strategy. Read on to learn how this contemporary tool can help your nonprofit honor major donors and recruit new ones. 


Highlighting Major Donors with a Digital Donor Wall 

One way to ensure that existing donors continue to give major gifts is to recognize them with donor recognition walls. A key use of a digital wall is using it to acknowledge donors, board members, and volunteers. Although showing appreciation through phone calls or email is perfectly acceptable, major donors feel valued when their name is displayed on a digital donor wall. 


In addition to proudly displaying the names of your major donors, use your digital wall to share their stories with your audience. Ask the donor to sit down with a member of your team to record a short video for your digital wall. They could discuss why they choose to generously support your cause and why others should as well. If the donor is not comfortable with doing a video, ask if you can share their picture on your wall. 

Besides highlighting the individual, it’s also important to explain what their gift was used for. For example, if Dr. Norma Johnson donated $10,000 to your nonprofit for a new wing, upload pictures of the completed wing or a proposed sketch. Some major donors also approve of their donation amount being shared with the public but make sure you get their permission to do so first. 

Major donor highlights are like the stories, but a highlight further explores who the donor is. You could tell more about their background with your nonprofit or even share about their job. For example, the major donor may be employed by a corporate partner. If that is the case, mention what they do at the company and how long you have been partnered with your nonprofit. 

Unlike a traditional wall, digital walls offer you unlimited space. Therefore, you can share as many major donor stories and highlights as you need to. If you want to display major donors based on giving tiers, that is simple to do with your digital donor wall. 

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With OmniAlly’s virtual donor wall solution, major donors may also be recognized on your website. Using a sharable link, donors can be displayed in your e-newsletter, emails, and social media channels. Virtual walls give your nonprofit the opportunity to reach a wider audience while also building relationships with major donors. 


Using a Digital Donor Wall to Generate Larger Gifts 

Giving donors bold public recognition will help your nonprofit generate larger gifts. When a potential donor notices the way your organization appreciates and values donors through acknowledgment and shares their gift impact this could persuade them to support your cause.

If you are hosting a special fundraising event, program your digital wall to highlight your major donors. This will assist you in soliciting major gifts from new donors. When mid-level donors take note of your major donor recognition, they are encouraged to increase their gift size. 

Nonprofits are taking advantage of the simplicity of QR codes. With a digital donor wall, QR codes are easy to incorporate. When highlighting your major donors, include a QR code on your display to encourage giving on the spot. 

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QR codes can be created for fundraising events or for special capital campaigns. With just one quick scan, donors are instantly taken to a donation page. This makes the fundraising process seamless for your donor relations team. 

Digital donor recognition also helps you build a relationship with the donor. Put forth the effort to properly showcase your donors by sharing a quote, images, or a video clip. Doing this shows them how much you value their support. In turn, they will feel appreciated and will continue to support your mission, even potentially increasing their gift size. 

Highlighting donors using your virtual donor wall solution makes it easy for major donors to share within their own network. Encourage them to include the sharable link on their social media channels or in emails. This is a great way to spread the word about your nonprofit. 

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Be meticulous in using your digital donor wall to show respect and appreciation for your major donors. This not only makes them feel valued, but when they see the impact of their gift, they also feel useful. Implementing this into your major gift fundraising plan will result in increased donor retention


Attract New Major Donors Through Digital Signage 

Since digital donor walls are an incredible tool to use, you may be thinking they are complicated to maneuver. However, this is not the case with OmniAlly’s digital donor walls. OmniAlly's proprietary user-friendly software is based on a drag and drop concept. 

If you’re worried that you need to be a coding expert to use a digital donor wall correctly, put those worries aside. OmniAlly will walk you through the whole setup process, you will have all the skills needed to build beautiful tributes to major donors right from the start. 

The programmable on/off behavior gives you total control over your digital wall. With this feature, you can dictate when your major donor highlights and stories are displayed. For example, if you have a fundraising event, program your wall to display your major donors throughout the event. 


In addition to being easy to use, you can program or make a change to your digital wall from any location, including home. That is one luxury that a traditional wall does not provide. If you are looking for a more personalized experience, make your digital wall interactive. This offers you endless opportunities in connecting with major donors. 

Using a digital wall to attract new donors eliminates a lot of the prospect research that is usually required in identifying major donors. On top of that, a digital and virtual wall also reduces the workload of your donor relations team. 

Instead of doing the research and having face-to-face conversations over coffee with prospect donors, share your digital wall and let it do some of the work for you. Then add a QR code to your wall so that major gifts may be made on the spot. 



Digital donor walls are the perfect tool to use when implementing your major donor strategy. With a digital donor wall, you can display the names of major donors and even tell their impactful stories. If you are looking to share the significance of your major donors through your website and social media, opt for a virtual donor wall to broaden your outreach. 

Every nonprofit wants to generate larger gifts, and digital donor walls are beneficial in helping your team do this. Encouraging major donors to share your virtual wall with their network spreads the word about your mission. By putting forth the time and effort to highlight major donors, you are building a strong and lasting relationship. This ultimately leads to increased donor affinity and retention. 


A nonprofit can never have too many major donors, and a contemporary and edgy digital wall will lead to new major donors. Presenting impressive donor highlights is easy to do with OmniAlly’s simple solution. You have total control over what your digital wall displays and when making it perfect to use during special events or fundraisers. 

Major donors play a pivotal role in your fundraising success. Executing a solid major donor strategy plan strengthens the relationships you have with your major donors and increases the number of large gifts your nonprofit brings in. There is no end to what you can do with your digital donor wall. 

Begin implementing your major donor strategy with a digital wall today. Contact OmniAlly to schedule your demo.